Best Deal Ever!

That”s Right!

FREE TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!  You get to see your computer working first before any changes are made to your computer ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive first?

of course not, That would be just plane Stupid.

Than why would you pay first after your computer is fixed than try it out? This does not make any sense, except for the person your paying.

The question is, “what if you don’t like it” , too late now, you already paid for it. What if you mess it up or pick up a virus in a day or two, will the computer guy fix it again for free? Probably Not, they can say it’s not their fault and you will have to pay again.

What, pay again for something you did not like in the first place and still no guarantee or warranty?  Tell them to get going!

Jerry’s Lifetime Warranty will protect you for the life of your computer.

Plus Free Try Before You Buy means you can try your computer out first before any repairs are done or any money is paid. It’s  just like taking a car for a test drive first and the best part is, “it/s your car”!

Computer lifetime warranty is available on XP & windows 7 Computers!

If you want both XP AND WINDOWS 7 (A DUAL BOOT  SYSTEM) Add a extra $100.00 and get two computers in one complete with a lifetime warranty!

A lifetime warranty means you can go anywhere on the internet worry free without any antivirus software installed.

You can install your free games and even go to adult websites worry free.

You can let anyone you want use your computer worry free.

You can download anything and everything even free trial programs and use them over and over again and never buy them for the life of your computer!

No more yelling or screaming at anyone again because your computer will be totally UNBREAKABLE FOR THE LIFE OF THE COMPUTER, GUARANTEED!