Deleted Data Recovery $100.00 Call Jerry Shock (570) 457-6610

Windows 8 & 10 Backup Is the same thing as Deleted Data Recovery Starting at $100.00 & $25.00 each additional hour.

We Can Recover Data From Your Dead Computer or a hard drive you have laying around for only  $100.00.

I use a special Program to recover lost data from a dead computer called EASUS DATA RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS EDITION.

This program cost me over $500.00 and it will get your pictures and everything else back from Windows 8 & 10 computers that do not power up.

Since dead computers can not power up to transfer data to a new computer.

The Hard-Drive from the dead computer would have to be removed and mounted to a second working computer running ¬†special “EASUS DATA RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS EDITION”. to move data to a DVD.

The DVD then can be copied to your New Computer and used over & over again.

This Job takes a minimum of 4 hours to complete at $25.00 an hour, Min. 4 hours to Start recovery process.

This service is included Free with the purchase of any computer from Jerry $250.00 & up.

Additional backup copies are $10.00 a DVD.