About Jerry Shock (570) 457-6610


My Name Is Jerry Shock:

I am a Pennsylvania State Certified Electronics Technician Since 1984 With 2 Degrees in Electronic Repair.

I have started computer repair in 1995 and every computer leaves my shop repaired in 4 hours or less.

We welcome all repair shops, If you can’t fix it, bring it to me and it will be done today.

I never charge more than $50.00 for desktop & $100.00 for laptop repairs and used parts are included if needed and in stock.

Used replacement parts are included in the price only if I have them in stock.

You can even bring in your box of parts if you want and i will use them.

I currently have over 300 complete computers in stock which makes me the oldest & largest in North East P.A.

I very rarely run across a computer that needs a part other than a cracked laptop screen or inverter.

Hard Drives very rarely needs replacing, I usually back up the data, wipe it clean & install a fresh copy of Windows.

I also recover deleted data from dead hard drives & repair hard drives from $50.00 to $100.00.

Give me a call or stop in, I live directly over the repair shop.

See your computer working first, Free Try Before You Buy.

Every computer comes with one time 90 day software replacement warranty even if you mess it up.

Hardware, Things like The battery & circuit boards, hard drives, power supply’s, Mother Boards or anything other software is not covered by any warranty whatsoever because Hardware is Sometimes Electronics and Electronics¬†can fail any time without warning.

It’s just like a light bulb. one minute it’s on and the next minute it’S off and it will never work again. That,s why there is No Warranty on any Hardware whatsoever.

If you need a part and I have a good used one in stock I will give it to you and install it for free. Not to worry, we will  get you up and running all for just on price $50.00 for desktop & $100.00 for laptop.

Jerry Shock
193 Foote Avenue,
Duryea, P.A. 18642.

(570) 457-6610